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The educational seminars at Nexus are focused on one thing: to help you grow your business and expand your knowledge. Our topics will cover a wide range of subjects, giving you the ability to pick and choose what is most relevant to you and your business.


RH and GPP, Acronyms not Synonyms

Michel Forget

1 IICRC Credit Hour

Media Blasting is 'soda' fun!

Rachel Adams

1 IICRC Credit Hour

Class Coming Soon

Professional Cleaning

When Smart Cleaners do Dumb Things

Mark Exner

1 IICRC Credit Hour

Commercial Cleaning Operations : Outlast and Outperform

Dane Gregory

1 IICRC Credit Hour

Class Coming Soon

Business & Marketing

Silly Videos Presents: The Pathway to Management and Marketing Excellence

Jeff Cross

1 IICRC Credit Hour

Class Coming Soon

Class Coming Soon

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